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The Missing 43: Mexico’s Disappeared Students (Fu…:

This is a full Vice News episode.


Neighborhood News

A major earthquake which hit Peru, originally scaled at 7.0, was downgraded to a 6.9 because that should make everyone feel better. According to the authorities there was no significant damage or injuries. No reported deaths so far.

Watch out for spewing volcanoes!

Ah, meanwhile,  a 6.0 earthquake hits the Bay area of California US of A, and well, “the sky is falling”.

Neighborhood News

Panamá: Camarca Guna Yala (aka San Blas for the ‘Merkins). Exam time.

You certainly aren’t copying off of anyone else like this … 👏


The first graduates of three Indigenous Universities receive their Degrees from Evo.


Maya win a Court battle over mining consultation & rights on Indigenous lands.


The OAS has decided that the Chilean Govt. cannot use anti-terrorism laws against the Mapuche, because,  well, non Indigenous are only entitled to sloppy seconds.


New legislation coming out for the protection of LGBT and “Intersexuals”. A recent Court ruling allowed for a Lesbian to adopt her significant other’s daughter.


More BS, this time in Sinaloa. Some silliness about no press freedom allowed.  That shouldn’t last very long hopefully.

Neighborhood News

Central America braces for drought-linked food crisis.

Meanwhile Mexico is undergoing insane hail storms.

Venezuela caught some food smugglers. Interesting that there is supposedly a food problem,  yet tons are being smuggled by “groups” into Colombia for sale. Gasoline too.

Pot smoking Uruguay is taking six Guantanamo Bay detainees. Wondering if this is where a certain sports player learned to bite?

The listed happiest Country, Paraguay,  has a record soybean harvest for export. They sure are quiet down there in the cut.

Texas Governor Guy

Gov. Perry Gets Booked At Texas Courthouse After Indictment


Photo via NPR

Perry on his way to the pokey, fussy fussy. No need to be upset, plenty of US politicians have gone for a stay at the cement café. Let this be a reminder of the 3 separate Branches of Government & all that Checks and Balances stuff. The Executive Branch (Guv) cannot order members of the Judicial Branch (SA) to do a dayum thing. Do they not have Civics classes in crappy Texas schools?

Anyhow, wear your shower slippers because, well, fungi, and if you do happen to drop the soap Guv, remember tensing will only make rapey prison buttsex worse; so relax.

Have fun in prison!


In other SW news: Water stuff fell from the sky confusing and stranding people in Phoenix.

Good Garden News

Alright. A few more of the peppers are ready.


Serranos,  poblanos,  gypsy sweet peppers,  Pattypan squash,  and one of the cherry tomatoes.  Waiting on the habaneros which have begun to flower.

There’s a pic of the green beans somewhere,  I’ll upload it when I find it.

Here is the gypsy pepper bush:


I found the pic and here it is (along with the cherry tomatoes)



“Cine al Narco – Parte Tres”

This motherfucker … !!! He definitely has a flair for the dramatic. The Bold and the Psychotic.

And his minions keep getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar.