Texas Governor Guy

Gov. Perry Gets Booked At Texas Courthouse After Indictment


Photo via NPR

Perry on his way to the pokey, fussy fussy. No need to be upset, plenty of US politicians have gone for a stay at the cement café. Let this be a reminder of the 3 separate Branches of Government & all that Checks and Balances stuff. The Executive Branch (Guv) cannot order members of the Judicial Branch (SA) to do a dayum thing. Do they not have Civics classes in crappy Texas schools?

Anyhow, wear your shower slippers because, well, fungi, and if you do happen to drop the soap Guv, remember tensing will only make rapey prison buttsex worse; so relax.

Have fun in prison!


In other SW news: Water stuff fell from the sky confusing and stranding people in Phoenix.

Good Garden News

Alright. A few more of the peppers are ready.


Serranos,  poblanos,  gypsy sweet peppers,  Pattypan squash,  and one of the cherry tomatoes.  Waiting on the habaneros which have begun to flower.

There’s a pic of the green beans somewhere,  I’ll upload it when I find it.

Here is the gypsy pepper bush:


I found the pic and here it is (along with the cherry tomatoes)



“Cine al Narco – Parte Tres”

This motherfucker … !!! He definitely has a flair for the dramatic. The Bold and the Psychotic.

And his minions keep getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar.



It took these puppies forever to flower, but alas, I now have poblano babies!

Hurricanes Are Such Fun

Hawaii is about to be hit by 2 tropical storms; hurricanes even. But that’s what they get for being an immensely beautiful yet completely boring State. Plus it has an enormous amount of Japanese descendents so, well, Godzilla.

Get to high ground people! Aloha and kanichiwa! Hunker down.

Video Games Thoughts


So, I’m playing this game on my console and I’ve noticed that any player who scores a goal loses his dayum mind. He becomes an instant nuisance by getting in the way of shots, tripping over teammates,  running off side while demanding the ball, etc. I had one goal scoring teammate that literally injured himself diving around the field.  It was absolutely hilarious!

Another funny thing is if you don’t pass the ball to Messi he’ll start standing around midfield like he wants to take his ball home and not play with you anymore.

Fun times.

33 deaths at rap concert in Guinea (stampede)

http://noticieros.televisa.com/mundo/1407/estampida-concierto-rap-deja-33-muertos-guinea/ Yes, its in spanish.

Who said Muslims don’t have some musical fun? Interesting.  I feel some shame as my initial though was someone may have been thought to have had ebola, which ultimately caused the stampede. Nope, wrong..

Now next time, dont everyone try and leave through the same small doorway when the concert ends.  And for God’s sake, watch out for the little children!!! 

That didnt need to happen. So sad.