Texas Governor Guy

Gov. Perry Gets Booked At Texas Courthouse After Indictment


Photo via NPR

Perry on his way to the pokey, fussy fussy. No need to be upset, plenty of US politicians have gone for a stay at the cement café. Let this be a reminder of the 3 separate Branches of Government & all that Checks and Balances stuff. The Executive Branch (Guv) cannot order members of the Judicial Branch (SA) to do a dayum thing. Do they not have Civics classes in crappy Texas schools?

Anyhow, wear your shower slippers because, well, fungi, and if you do happen to drop the soap Guv, remember tensing will only make rapey prison buttsex worse; so relax.

Have fun in prison!


In other SW news: Water stuff fell from the sky confusing and stranding people in Phoenix.


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