News of the Unhinged

Somebody shot down a passenger plane with a missile or maybe an RPG. Could have been the Rebels, could have been the Army. No one really knows yet. Somehow, it’s Obama’s fault or maybe Putin. Because it is never ever the fault of the person who actually pushed the button.

Note:Those Malaysian airlines can’t catch a break. 

Do we think with all the uncut dumb going on in the world no one would notice shooting up a bus full of unarmed people?  Because Ortega? Seriously,  in 2014, you are shit if you claim to hate Ortega so much that you killed a torta vendor. Planning on shooting up a bunch of chickens because you hate broccoli ?

No vale la verga, idiotas!

Same screwed up nonsense,  different day. I have concluded that there are no adults living there & all their police are apparently too incompetent to conduct a criminal investigation before firing rockets. Planning on firing rockets at the sun because it’s too hot out? The whole land is one big ancient pile of rubble.



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