Neighborhood News



From Twitter: Policía Nacional @protegeryservir

Adidas, Nike, and Coca minus Cola together at last. Quaint. Apparently,  drugs are making it through my beloved Darien & then left abandoned in SUVs. I take it this means the Urabeños won the fight over the Choco region(border) in Colombia? Only nutz I know that would attempt stepping into the Gap. [There are organisms that will eat your skin off in there. Not to mention the armor plated carnivorous centipedes. ]

France (Not neighbors but interesting anyhow)
France says they’ll sell a warship to Russia and pootéz vouz (poot you) to whoever doesn’t like it; kiss it! And they have those toilets that squirt water on your buttocks.

Central America
Watch out!!! Politicians from LA are on their way to “figure out” the whole immigration “problem”. Hide your chickens! Hide your plátanos,  mangoes,  and culantro too. People on ‘vacation’ want to eat up your food while fake smiling about real problems. Give them nothing,  tell them nothing.  THEY sent those LA raised gang bangers & CAFTA.

BUT, you know what? They only get a part of the blame. No one made those bangers arrive and treat their newfound countrymen like garbage. No one made them extort bus drivers & campesinos. No one made them kill one another over some US gang stupidity. Gangs listen to shot callers in prison who will NEVER be free again to walk in the sun. Bunch of dayum slaves!

Yes, some thought they were Mexican – American and couldnt really speak Spanish. Surprise! Hello!!!No. You eat pupusas not tacos. (Tacos are delish though). You claim to treasure the women & family. Well show it! For real, you psychos. No more BS! Basta ya!

With a chance for a new start, a chance to know you’re real roots, you leave that dumb shit behind and make something of yourself. Not be a nuisance to people who are just at the lines of basic necessities.


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