France found 1.3 tonnes of cocaine in a cargo plane at a Paris airport which allegedly originated in Caracas Vz.

Valls said it was the biggest drug haul ever made in the Paris area and that four tons of cocainehave been seized in France since the start of the year.

Six people were arrested in the bust and are thought to be members of an international drug smuggling ring.

Merde! In another account, from gay Paris, a French Aerocorp (cargo plane) was caught with 1500 pounds of cocaine in the DR. French authorities have recently arrested the managing director over in France.

What’s going on with the Frenchies?



The people of Mexico are swimming; literally. Two tropical storms (hurricanes) have hit Mexico on both sides causing historic level flooding throughout the country. It is feared that more than 140 people have died. [Latest estimates] As if that isn’t bad enough, a croc was spotted swimming around being a general nuisance … and we know how utterly rude they can be.


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