More Neighborhood News

In Colombia the Farmers are striking  using the new fangled popular manner of banging pots (“Cacerolazo”). Last month the Argentines took to the streets banging pots to protest something Pres Kirchner was doing. I think the Canadians started that whole banging pots thing at one of their big protests in Montreal.

No one there can say they “don’t have a pot to piss in,” that’s for certain. So much for the old privy. Whatever works in the 21st  Century that doesn’t get you beaten half to death by the security forces.


Now, what is this mess between the US and Syria? Seriously, demanding those crazies in Congress decide on type of action? Here’s a WaPo article snippet:

“There are going to be times, though, where, as is true here, the international community is stuck for a whole variety of political reasons,” he said. “And if that’s the case, people are going to look to the United States and say, ‘What are you going to do about it?’ And that’s not a responsibility that we always enjoy.”

Oh for fucking crying out loud!

The people have overwhelmingly said, “NO”, to military action.

Get real, the US is going to lob missiles just to show Assad it is serious about using chem weapons but not be at war? Huh!!!??!! Syria’s defenses were set up in and around its major Cities decades ago. It was set up that way to keep countries (mainly Israel) from conducting air strikes all willy nilly. If you strike at an anti aircraft gun, you have to strike the City where it’s located  killing a large number of the civilian populace in the process.  So can I toss a few piñas (grenades) at my neighbors to show them the Neighborhood Committee is serious about them picking up their dog’s monster poop piles? There will be no poop left in the grass! It’s toxic! Yet I can claim my piña lobbing is not an act of hostility?

… and absolutely no training of “rebels”. It never works out for humanity. There  just seems to be something incredibly wrong with the US foreign combatant training program. For some reason, the trainees become, well, psychos and megalomaniacs. Lopping heads, eating enemy entrails, shooting kids, raping women,  keeping small body parts as “trophies”, body bombing food markets, flying planes into buildings, etc. I could see cutting out a few hearts as ‘offerings’ but once you take a bite and start munching away …  um, eww, no. That is the kind of behavior  I would consider huge “kinks” in the training program.

So what to do? How about simply focusing on the humanitarian aspect? Provide food, water, clothing, garbage disposal, medical assistance, and sturdy temp housing to the refugees. That’s a huge task in itself coordinating feeding and keeping camps sanitary. Its not that hard to stay out of a Civil War while at the same time assisting the populace in need. I think that is something the whole world could agree with and send supplies for.


EPN is bla bla bla’ing while Mexican Teachers are protesting reforms, namely mandatory testing for jobs and promotions. Not sure what kind of testing they are referring to since passing an accredited course and earning a teaching certificate should do the trick. I would think performance would be fine for promotions as some really good people don’t test well.


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