Neighborhood News

The Beast derailed killing 11 or so migrants from CentralAm. Lots more migrants were injured.

Oh bless their black coup hearts, Honduras’ Military is now policing and carrying out “domestic intelligence”.

… It was created to carry out law enforcement duties in shantytowns and other poor neighbourhoods where the civil police force has pulled out, overwhelmed by the greater organisation and firepower of common criminals and organised crime.

It will also have powers to call up military reservists and engage in domestic intelligence activities.

There’s nothing like one’s own armed forces spying on the citizenry. [*On a side note, IPS has one heck of a good mobile site.]

Well, well. Ex-Colombian Pres Alvaro Uribe is being investigated for alleged ties to the Medillin Cartel and AUC. It’s about time. Who didn’t know already?

According to the Medellin court, the accumulating evidence indicating Uribe’s involvement in the growth of the paramilitaries between 1995 and 2003 has become too much to ignore.

“It’s impossible to be inside a pool without getting wet,” said Pinilla.

Plus, it doesn’t help that Bush Jr’s bestest LatAm buddy keeps getting implicated by Para leaders as the head of a designated terrorist group with complicit military support. I mean really, Pablo recommended the douche for his first political post: an airport … guess what was going in and out of there? C’mon, guess.

There’s more: Teacher protests around Mexico, PEMEX privatization marches, people banging pots in Colombia or is that Brasil(?), and those wild n wacky ‘Mericans begging to lob missiles at Syria. I’ll be back later with those.


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