Neighborhood News

An Andean elder fella is reportedly the oldest living person on record … 123!!! Bolivian baptism records show Carmelo Flores Luna, a Bolivian Aymara, was born in 1890. He neither needs glasses nor a cane. That’s it! I’m moving to Lake Titicaca and becoming a goat herd:

“High in the hills is the lonely goat herd … lei di ho de lei di ho de lei  …  hi … ho, lei di ho de lei di ho de lo !”

In Sports: Caterine Ibarguen of Colombia won the women’s triple jump at the world championships on Thursday ahead of Ekaterina Koneva of Russia. You go young miss!

Um, the Spooks (CIA), well, they admit now (CNN report) that a top secret base in the Nevada dessert exists … we all know it as Area 51. However, they are still denying any evidence of aliens. They claim it’s simply a site to test out spy planes and such.  Rut Roh! The nutters should be out in full force today with this ‘revelation’.


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