Neighborhood News

I never really paid much attention until now, but who knew El Tiempo Latino was a part of WAPO (The Washington Post)?  Anywho, there’s an article about Honduran bangers looking to end violence in the same way as El Sal’s bangers have done. Good for them. I wish them the best.

Also from El Tiempo Latino is a fun filled account of the sanctions against Rafael Caro Quintero’s family and fortune blessing us all with finger pointing and blame that would make the worst case of rheumatoid arthritis sufferer’s fingers straighten out. Yay!!

Guatemala is taking measures (not really sure what) against it’s narco cesspool made up mostly of Mexican Zetas fighting the Gulf Cartel for route territory, and then there’s Colombian planes pissing around the airspace with Honduran planes out and about to pick up Colombian shipments. And this:

Varios grupos son los que controlan diferentes sectores del país junto a Los Zetas. Se menciona como la región del narcotráfico toda el área fronteriza de Petén e Izabal, en donde operan, además de Los Zetas, el Cartel del Golfo, Los Mendoza, Alta Verapaz (Los Zetas y hasta su captura el grupo de Walter Overdick), Chiquimula, Jalapa, Jutiapa y Zacapa (Los Zetas y el grupo de Mauro Salomón Ramírez), Quetzaltenango, Huehuetenango, Quiché (Los Zetas), San Marcos y la Costa Sur (hasta su captura el grupo de Juan Ortiz, alias Chamalé).

Huh??? Walter Overdick? What kind of name is that? Overdick … is he a pubic hair?

Two recently rescued Spaniards whined about being psychologically mistreated by their Colombian kidnappers although they were physically treated well and found in very good health.



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