Neighborhood News

A Zeta Commander pleads guilty to killing a DEA agent. Something about a carjacking and such. I guess moving tons of yeyo doesn’t pay enough nowadays to buy your own car? Bad economy or just low class?

The wheels of Justice in Guatemala have run over the Ixil & screwed up Montt’s sentencing and also annulled his trial.

Miss Universe’s husband gets bumped off in Uribe & Pablo’s home province of Barranquilla. Also the birthplace of the supposedly disbanded AUC. Cartel stuff, as usual. Thug life.

Some guy on the Security Team of Panamanian Pres. Martinelli’s wife got locked up for being a drug courrier.

I’m really not sure what the objective of this article is supposed to be, but it is mainly about the perilous journey of migrants from Central America to the US through Mexico. I’m thinking, ‘don’t drink and drive’????


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