Neighborhood News

On a roll this year is Colombia (sp), with its killing of 36 union (en) leaders., up from the number killed by this time last year. Someone should start a tally on what companies these guys and gals work for. The greed mongers only hurt when their sales go into the tanker … just ask BP.

From the same site, there’s a bunch of homeless and a growing poor in the US. At the rate companies left to set up shop in not so regulated China, I’m surprised there are any jobs left. The only question is who do they expect to buy their products and with what?  – Oh yeah, and drug usage is up.

Mexico is celebrating 200 years of Independence from Spain and  lest we not forget 100 yrs of immigration to the US. Are there any Mexicanos still living in Mexico? Some party pooper Senate Pres says there’s still more work to do to be a happy free country. Go figure … ¡Que viva México!

In Peru the Congress revoked the statue of limitations on human rights violators. This is always a good thing since most violations include mass murder,  and disappearances, and rape … and a list of items which reads like a Sally Struther business school commercial.

Someone [probably the rich junkies] killed the Bolivian tv station owner in Argentina. I suppose he shouldn’t have mentioned taping snobs in Beemers and SUVs making their way to the “hood” to buy drugs.


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