US Border Patrol agents beat a guy who is later declared brain dead but somehow the cause of death is a heart attack? Sure, sure, and I just hatched out of a potato patch.

Looks like a run-off for the Colombian Presidential elections for which certain elements are requesting the second place candidate drop out.

Tropical storm Agatha has left 80 or so people dead in Guatemala alone. It has also reeked havoc and left many dead in El Salvador, Honduras, etc.

According to Prensa Latina, Vz and Dominica have signed an agreement to open a coffee processing plant.

Israel shows its ugly side again. This time boarding ships in International waters and killing 19 or so Turkish “activists” delivering food supplies and such to Gaza – pissing off the world. I thought boarding supply vessels and then requiring said vessels to dock anywhere other than their destination was called piracy? What exactly happens to all the seized foodstuffs?

As if Bee Pee’s (BP) constant urination of oil all over the Gulf of Mexico isn’t disastrous enough, people in Louisiana now have to contend with the onset of hurricane season.

Argentine authorities arrest a former Colombian beauty queen accused of running a girlie narco ring.

The French are protesting – no not too much garlic or lemon butter sauces – a raise in the retirement age.


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