Oh joy of joys, US banks are helping launder drug monies through the casas in Mexico … but who didn’t already know that? I’m certain in this here 21st Century people aren’t under the impression that all the cash is being taken over in trunks of cars, yes? I mean really, wire transfers are the way to go; as easy as a widget.

Panama’s President says there is oil in the Darien a UNESCO World Heritage site. Also there was some silly talk about responsible mining when no such thing exists. I guess some foreigners will go in and fuck up the biggest park in the Americas and kill off the remaining Harpy Eagle population.

Bolivia arrests a bunch of narcos over near Santa Cruz … again. I guess we know how those secessionists are funding themselves; the traditional CIA way.

Prison conditions for women in the Americas only psycho police state (aka Colombia) are tackled in this article.

Brasil and Angola are helping Portgal out during these economic hard times.


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