Neighborhood News

Yeah, its been a while but I had things to do, complaints to make, people to ignore, and inner childs to heal. Anyhow, enough about me.

Arizona’s new Immigration Law (Anti-little brown funny talking people) is giving everyone a really big sad. Also, if it interferes with my avocados & tomatillos, I’m personally going down there to kick someone’s ass.

The little brown funny talking people (Brazilians) along with some taller brownish funny talking people (Persians) and a few tanish funny talkers (Turks) agreed to share nuclear power technology (namely uranium enrichment) at a summit in Tehran. This should make the pigment deprived a bit jealous.

Someone has stolen former Mexican Senator & current attorney for PAN, Diego Fernando de Cevallos Ramos.

So far the recent polling in Colombia has a tight race between demon spawn Juan Santos & the crazy Mayor of Bogota Antanas Mockus. Depending on the poll, Mockus is leading Santos or vice verse.


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