Neighborhood News

So the Zetas have broken with the Gulf Cartel over the Texas import route. That should be fun for the border towns. No worries, a Cartel spokesperson assures most folks in the region they can go about their normal lives – “they got your backs!”

Meanwhile, some Judge in Spain says the computer which miraculously survived a direct bombing told him that Vz is in collusion with FARC who is in collusion with ETA to kill some people. People would like an explanation from Chavez about it … oh, and the US is concerned Vz could be ripe for drug trafficking. Um, yeah, well they are next door to Cocaine Motherland. Now that I think of it, why not ask Uribe for an explanation seeing as the group and cocaine belong to Colombia? Why is it everyone else’s problem Colombia has such lawlessness & the US has so many junkies?

Arizonians have gone insane by enacting legislation against the ‘little brown funny speaking people’ which lessens their own Civil Rights. So much from the State with the poorest education rating. NYC says so.

Also BP is trying to destroy the world.


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