Neighborhood News

Evo wins again.

Honduras loses again with the majority of voters boycotting the elections while still under military repression. With the numbers posted by TSE, that’s about a 42.7% turnout. I guess the majority didn’t care about threats of arrest for non-participation. (btw, that Congress so no to Mel’s reinstatement.) Some masked men gunned down five people in Honduras. This is what happens when you acquire Colombian AUC terrorist services and request lists of names. So the “purge” begins.

According to a report 20 million people are out of work world-wide and it ain’t over yet. (es)

Argentines living in what’s considered “villas miseria” are busying themselves fighting off stereotypes.

Colombian police find some heroin & there’s another Uribe Admin scandal.

Some nutz attack a commuter bus full of women, children, and old folks in Mexico. (es)


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