Neighborhood News

Neighborhood Happenings:

  • More anti-social soldiers have been arrested in Colombia for killing people and dressing them up as ‘militants’. Meanwhile DAS members get caught snooping in Vz.
  • Some low IQ thief in Chile was crushed by the ATM he helped steal during a police chase. 
  • People living in certain areas of Mexico have been relegated to eating ratas due to extreme poverty.
  • The “Favela Boyz” in Brasil are shooting down helicopters among other a-social things.
  • A priest, Arana, may possibly run for Peruvian President. No one seems certain of it though.
  • A UNDP report says Central America is mostly violent. [An executive summary can be downloaded here (es) or read a shorter version here (en).]
  • Severed feet keep popping up in Canada.

That’s it for today.


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