So He’s Back … 007 Style

That wily little: road block dodging, security force evading, intelligence officer slipping … Manuel Zelaya. Looks like he did everything but a HALO drop and is inside the Brasilian Embassy of Tegucigalpa.

Meanwhile, top golpista, Roberto Micheletti first denies the news because frankly its kinda embarrassing, then throws a temper tantrum on the reality Zelaya has really popped up in the Capitol. He doesn’t stop there: Micheletti angry about the embarassment turns off the lights, shuts off the water, imposes a countrywide all day all night curfew [no work, no shopping, no coming outside, nada], tear gases people gathering near the Brasilian embassy, and sends police to enforce the new prison terms of country-wide confinement. There also seems to be a problem or two with the airwaves and cell towers … again.

Some neighborhoods repelled the police. I guess they didn’t feel like sitting inside their houses for several days.

I can see surrounding the Brasilian Embassy: its to be expected, but feeding the entire country a big shit sandwich is going overboard. That’s pretty much how you unite everyone against you.

Weird how scared a couple of politicians are of Zelaya … like he is some one man super soldier with Jedi powers or something. Is it the hat?


One response to “So He’s Back … 007 Style

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