Sí Pero No

No resolutions have been found yet for the Honduran coup; neither side has yet met with the other and so the drama continues. Meanwhile, Zelaya is calling for passive resistant insurrection.

Of the various groups Marvin Ponce a UD Congressman had the following to say:

“As of this week we are going to take more radical action,” he told IPS. “We are calling all of the organisations that make up the Resistance Front to an assembly Tuesday where we are going to propose a nationwide general strike as well as more radical actions. If what it takes is civil war, then that’s what we’ll do.

“The people owe Honduras a revolution, and if the legitimate president, Manuel Zelaya, is not reinstated, there will be a confrontation between social classes. What I can say is that the days of peaceful resistance, like we have had until now, are numbered,” said Ponce, visibly exhausted from the last two weeks of protests.

That doesn’t sound too promising for a non-violent resolution.

Also a foreign agent of the RCC, whose sworn allegiance to Rome pretty much makes anything he says suspect, contends there was no coup because military people aren’t in charge. Sure buddy, sure. Ever hear of religious neutrality?


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