The Neighborhood

Mexico’s Mayoral-Congressional elections went fairly smooth except for a few regions where the people are demanding a recount. The PRI came out a big winner which of course has made the PRD suspicious of the results … and there may be a need for a run-off.

Guatemala and Chile are still on some “grey-list” of tax evading countries.

Costa Rica will be mediating the Honduran impasse. Both Zelaya and Micheletti will be meeting one another there for talks. INTERPOL said no to Honduras on the warrant matter. Pretty much they said, we don’t do “political” arrests and you should have let the plane land if you had a internal political charges against Zelaya.

More than 1600 Colombian troops have been implicated in bumping people off.

Bolivia finds its biggest cocaine lab yet and arrests several foreigners … yes Santa Cruz province again.

Some scuttlebutt in Argentina.


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