It continues …

… like the Energizer bunny, the hostilities continue.

Zelaya returns Sunday escorted by the Presidents of Chile, Ecuador, and Paraguay. Snipers apparently have taken high ground positions throughout the airport. Most of the Presidents are in good shape but I don’t expect they will launch from the plane to do a forward roll while lobbing grenades  in order to “plow the road”. I see no need for snipers.

That should be interesting.

Even more interesting, some really old coot in the Honduran hierarchy took the time to make fun of El Sal, Obama (US), and Zapatero (Spain).

For some strange reason, the coup people can talk all day about Ven, Nica, and Cuba, but have no words about Honduras. I can image being a reporter:

Q. What is the situation like inside of Honduras?
A. The situation is … Cuba … we have the people’s support.

Q. Are you planning on restoring Constitutional rights any time soon?
A. This is only … Chavez … temporary.

Q. What is being done to restore normalcy?
A. What? Socialists are under my bed. Normalcy? Yes, these extreme measures … Ortega … are only temporary.



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