Ay Dios Mío!

Well, the OAS envoy went a visiting Honduras to see what is what and to speak to the golpistas. It did not go well.

“El desorden constitucional persiste y quienes lo hicieron no tienen por el momento ninguna intención de revertirlo”, fue la conclusión de Insulza al hablar con la prensa hondureña e internacional anoche en un hotel de Tegucigalpa.

The golpistas minds can see no wrong. Basically, they have shit on the Constitution with claims of “preserveing” the Constitution and they have no intention of reversing the situation.

Now they hold their breath, stomp and quit the OAS. Dudes! You’re out anyway.

So how’s that new Mayorship working out for the wannabe Pres’ nephew? What happened to the elected Mayor?(Telesur) Did y’all kill him too?

What a new and interesting “Democracy” they have going.

I think LaJornada should be given an award for their unbiased coverage.


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