Es La Verdad o No?

Continuing with the Honduran situation because frankly I have some questions about this so-called Democracy:

  • Is it true that the Senators and Congressman of the Democratic Union Party were seized by the military when reporting to Parliament for the Impeachment vote?
  • Does anyone know if Ham is dead, alive, detained, or in hiding?
  • Since when does the military’s opinion on a political poll matter in any country on earth?
  • Since when can a Supreme Court “order” the ouster of any President on earth?
  • Who authored the fake resignation letter which was shown to the members of Congress who were (selectively) allowed in for the vote to impeach?
  • Why are political opposition leaders and government officials of various parties and organizations being arrested?
  • Why does Zelaya’s wife have to hide? Even Cuba didn’t bother the wives.
  • Why is there a news blackout of anyone not pro-coupster? News is for reporting whether one likes the reports or not.
  • Why is the military detaining AP and CNN reporters?
  • Why does the coup group continue to impose and extend a curfew only allowing the free movement of pro-coup supporters?
  • Why do they continue to tell people it was not a coup when indeed their actions say it is?
  • Why are there military blockades set up throughout the country? I could understand the borders but not internally.
  • Why do they keep throwing Chavez name in the mix like scared little girls?
  • Why did military forces “militarize” channel 36 and tell the private station’s owner he cannot go outside?
  • What are they going to tell the 70% poor when the country gets cut-off? 
  • How is a guy who is not on the ballot trying to be elected President again? Even if you put the poll question on the ballot, someone else will already be Pres-elect.

The actions don’t seem on the “up-an-up” to me. Questions, questions, questions.


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