Update on the Coup

After accosting the elected President, Zelaya, deporting him with no deportation hearing, and calling these actions legal, the Honduran in-Justice system supposedly NOW has a warrant for arrest which, according to the “nobody” in charge, would be used to take Zelaya into custody for a trial if he returns.

Hold up! The Pres (a citizen who can’t be deported) was forcibly deported and he hasn’t even been to trial to face any charges!! There was no trial?!!!? WTF?

You’re too late putos! You were supposed to have a warrant before (antes de) taking people into custody, and they are supposed to have a trial before (antes de) punishment is rendered (if found guilty). ¡Perros traicioneros!

I knew they had no warrant before going all pre-1950s third world.

BTW, where are the other appointed people who were snatched? And why were they accosted?


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