Well, well, it seems we are having those latinamerican coups again. This time one struck in Honduras carried out by the military, forget a pesky trial … “for the people and democracy” of course. You betcha!

Never mind that it was neither for the people nor democratic. No such thing as coup = democratic. “For the people” would entail doing something about the 70% poverty rate. And somehow, I doubt hungry impoverished people believe a poll to determine whether there should be a vote to form a committee to look over a Reagan era Constitution is a bad thing.

The actual question proposed:

El INE preguntará los hondureños “¿está usted de acuerdo que en las elecciones generales de noviembre de 2009 se instale una cuarta urna para decidir sobre la convocatoria a una asamblea nacional Constituyente que apruebe una nueva Constitución política?”, subraya el decreto del Ejecutivo.

OMFG!!!! This is why there should be a coup? THIS!!!???!!

Strange that doing something at the will of the people means sending troops to impose a curfew on those very same people and cutting power to aid the communications blackout. That says to me, “We don’t want the people to find out, yet.” You know, keep the same people who it is claimed wanted the actions in the dark about the actions.

Maybe it has to do with the people not really wanting those actions, so now its time to play ‘dodge the bullet’?

Then there is the acceptance of a phantom resignation, and an ouster of that same someone (claimed to be resigning) in his pajamas. More weirdness.

In the end, the new government is calling the action legal, like an arrest. Yeah, yeah that’s the ticket.

Betcha no one has an arrest warrant. *wink wink*


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