Weirdness in Peru

It seems several indigenous leaders (sp) in Peru are being charged with sedition for protesting to protect their lands in the Amazon. But that’s not the totally ridiculous insanity of it all. They are being charged for sedition by means of … of … “subliminal messages”. Yes, you read correctly; subliminal messages.

So there you have it folks! A government claiming those ‘little pain in the ass rain forest people’ are telegraphing protest behavior, subliminally, in some freakish South American version of Halloween 3 meets Scanners. I know, I know … you wonder: WTF!??!!! Where are the brain eating bugs and why hasn’t Garcia’s head exploded?

Yeah, yo tambien.

Isn’t it nice to know that “subliminal” protesting is a crime in some so-called democracies?

Garcia ‘ta LOCO! (Crack kills)


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