Up In Arms

Peru’s police and the indigenous are fighting over more Amazon destruction to feed the world’s insatiable hunger for fossil fuels. It seems they, the indigenous are pissed about the government opening up their lands to “foreign investors” who will undeniably trash it, kill off rare plant & animal species, not to forget the ensuing pollution of the waterways. So far during the protesting 30 indigenous and 22 security force members have been killed.

A peaceful solution would definitely be better but meanwhile I say Fight the Power my Incan cousins! 

In Mexico 38 infants have died (so far) from a day care center fire believed to have been caused by an explosion in an adjoining building. There were no fire extinguishers on site and no emergency exits. People used cars to break through a wall to try and rescue the infants. Understandably, folks are angry as sin over the tragedy.


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