The Neighborhood

Mexico is talking about allowing its military to further involve itself in all public security matters. So … what are the police for, or are they being done away with altogether?  This doesn’t sound good, its too much like a “police state” and we all know from history police states never result in anything good.

Honduras experienced an earthquake registering 7.1 on the Richter Scale. It sucks to have a quake at 3 in the morning. So far 6 people are reported to have died and structural damage has occurred. Brace for the aftershocks people!

A dam broke in Cocal adding to the flooding problems. Brasil can’t catch a break from the rain. Keep chopping down the rain forest dummies and you can count on mass flooding when there’s no trees or shrubs left to drink up the water. Its called a “rain forest” for a reason.

Venezuelan Pres. Chavez will talk for 4 damn days. People think women talk a lot … nope, men beat women hands down as talkers. Well, I’m certain there will be some Chavito said ‘this or that’ reports from world news outlets.

The US Pres Obama has given Israel an ultimatum regarding expanding ‘settlements’ on Palestinian land in the West Bank. Israel, of course ,  after lying about the dismantlement of the settlements, they continue to make excuses. HELLO!!! Its not your land! Its time for the US to cut Israel off. Who has friends that constantly LIE to them?


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