Colombia … Colombia

Well it seems like the wiretapping DAS is losing friends. INTERPOL no longer wishes to use them for crime contacts.  I’m surprised this wasn’t done sooner after the ‘computer fiasco’.  Funny how all that just up and went *poof*. 

And now, boys and girls, DAS officials are stating they got their orders directly from the President’s personal advisors and the high Court wants some answers.

WTF kind of “Democracy” is that supposed to be?   You have a Pres that calls news reporters he doesn’t agree with ‘traitors’.  Drug Lord-terrorists who committed massacres being sent abroad with no murder charges.  A military that purposely  kills civilians and then dresses them up as ‘guerrillas’.  Politicians being investigated and indicted for involvement with the right-wing terrorist groups. Social cleansing by roving ‘death squads’.  Add in the DAS (FBI kin) which taps phones of opposition politicians, judges, and journalists. 

Is it me or are they swimming in pools filled with cocaine, just snorting that shit?


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