Our Neighbors

Former Peruvian Pres Fujimori was sentenced to 25 yrs in prison after being found guilty for human rights violations. (With some time served taken into account). Fuck him. “Foreigners” have killed Latin America, too many former Nazis and friends of Nazis.

Mexico. What on earth are the real numbers of people who have died from the new strain of flu? 100, 16, 7? Legitimate information calms fears so figure it out. Skepticism over government numbers continues.

Around the globe 900 or so people have the new flu, in the US 280 or so, with most of the cases in NY.

Supermarket mogul Ricardo Martinelli has won the Presidential election in Panama. He takes office July 1st.

An Iranian business delegation is visiting Latino land and this of course worries the US State Dept.

“I don’t think in today’s world, where it’s a multi-polar world, where we are competing for attention and relationships with the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, that it’s in our interest to turn our backs on our own hemisphere”.

“If you look at the gains, particularly in Latin America, that Iran is making, that China is making, it’s quite disturbing,” the chief US diplomat said. “They’re building very strong economic and political connections with a lot of these leaders. I don’t think that it’s in our interests,” Clinton said.

Er, um, well, pay attention. Other nations and their leaders don’t act in the interest of the US, they act in the interest of their own people. Its not disturbing, its simply competition … now get out there and compete for contracts.


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