Watching the Crazies

Mexico has captured the #2 guy (along with 43 others) in charge of La Familia M Cartel at a baptismal ceremony.

Rafael Cedño, El Cede. (Why do the top narco guys always look like “gringos”?) The interesting crazy is some type of religious type leader instilling ‘values’ for narco members while being in charge of cocaine distribution and prostitution. What’s with the Commission of Human Rights credentials? Ouch!

Anyhow, this Cartel has some interesting ‘ideals’: Stay away from drug usage, alcoholism, and love your family. Meanwhile, killing, beheading, kidnapping, etc. are fine.

Okie dokie.

There is a short English version here.

Is it just me or is something wrong with this picture?

Omar Cordoba Hurtado was shot by a fellow inmate early Saturday inside
the prison’s cellblock 13, and another inmate was also wounded in the
incident, prison officials said.

Authorities found the revolver
used in the killing and are trying to determine the motive, Panamanian
Prison Bureau director Luis Gordon told reporters.

Determine the motive? Huh?? Prisoners kill other prisoners ’cause they have prisoner reasons. How about determining what jail-birds are doing with guns in PRISON?!?

Lots of chitter chatter over on Amazon about the book Chavito gave Obama on Latin American history. Never mind the US media and its claims there is no English version. There has only been one since 1973 … duh!!

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