(Photo from AP)

Mexican authorities are demolishing shrines throughout Mexico City dedicated to “Santa Muerte”; which IMO looks sorta like the a modern Grimm Reaper. Anywho, the authorities claim they are taking action because its popular with the narcos. Adherents disagree.

The Cartels are still battling each other, leaving notes on dead folks and such. Here one can read a different prospective on weapons sales to narco-crazies.

Brasil may become a contributor to the IMF now that it is no longer indebted.

Nasty earthquake in Italy destroys a bunch of old buildings and leaves dozens of folks dead.

More carnage and death in Iraq and now a Pakistan bombings.

How special … ex-terroist and AUC Commander, Freddy Rendon said he never felt any pressure from the Colombian military or Police. In fact, he claims he was treated as a member of the security forces.

Speaking of the AUC and cohorts, it seems there are some whack-nut  paramilitary people still hanging out in Medellin. 15 people were assassinated there over the weekend.


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