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According to a US Narcotics indictment, FARC is the largest supplier of cocaine in the world! Of course! and there’s a bunch of their members listed in Forbes and they have RPGs like the Cartels in Mexico , large ranches with even larger haciendas too. Haaaa! Too funny, the article even throws in Venezuela. The only thing missing is well, the delivery of some cocaine.

The Pope made an appeal for people to help the needy on the African continent.

…which should lead to an ever-more equitable sharing of the earth’s resources among all people.

Sell some of the Vatican Art and give the money to the poor if you are even remotely serious. Me and my friends are sending crates of condoms in case anyone is interested.

An ex-con crazy killed four police officers (two motor cops and two SWAT cops) in Oakland.

The chaotic shootout occurred in a darkened apartment filled with smoke from officers’ nonlethal shock grenades and dust from bullets ripping through drywall. It ended when SWAT team officers returned fired and killed Mixon, authorities said.

So much violence.

US Senator Gregg who has lived off the public tit his whole life said, “the sky is falling”, and estadounidense will all die in poverty curled up in a corner with their thumbs in their mouths.

Go get a real job scag.

Some Peruvian army chief is complaining that trials for human rights violations, such as extra-judiicial killing  of people is bringing the army members moral down. Awww, cry me a river.

“What is happening is that some military commanders are being tried because the courts have found that they ordered or authorised actions that violate human rights, as part of a counter-subversive strategy. In these cases, there is evidence that the military personnel who committed crimes did so with the knowledge of their commanders,” he added.

You can delegate authority but you can never delegate responsibility. Apparently he was a SOA graduate?


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