El Sal

Soon to vote in a Presidential election, the peeps in El Sal are being bombarded by weird news media (and you thought the US was bad). Some Nicaraguan religio-nut says he’s speaking for the US …Ay! … this and other media weirdness is so noted in a letter to Sec. of State Clinton reported by the Council of Hemespheric Affairs site.

The ARENA candidate, a former police, embarrasses himself in a Univision interview. The video is on this page. Btw, this was not shown in El Sal … and no wonder. Ay!

The FLMN candidate, a media personality, also has an interview to be found on the same page; scroll down the list a bit.

How about we and everyine else not Salvadoran, mind our business and stay out of it? Let the Salvadorans pick whomever they want to be President of their country.


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