Chiquita is trying to get out of that big nasty ‘Oopsie (lawsuit), we were caught supporting TWO “terrorist” groups that ran around killing people.’

FARC says they killed Awá Indians. WTF!!!! It isn’t bad enough that the Army kills them? Et tu Brute? What’s in that water down there, coca?

What on earth is Chavito complaining about? That report was written during the last Administration. Nothing to be concerned about.

Mutiny in Bangladesh. Seems the Border Guard’s pay was so bad they requested subsidized food before rebelling. I know a country ripe for invasion with starving border guards and all. <*wink wink.>

Parents in the UK actually filed complaints on a children’s show host because she only has one full arm. They actually had to talk to their kids about it ‘n shit; that’s their complaint. No wonder no one can stand the Brits … bad attitudes … and their food sucks too.


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