Mexican authorities have arrested a couple people in relation to the killing of a retired General on his first day as a LEO. I noticed they are using terms reserved for terrorists (cell, etc)  to describe the crazies. Fitting.

Seized with the Gulf Cartel “muscle” arrests:

  • 23 rifles, 20 handguns, 12k rounds, 500 magazines
  • 23 frag grenades
  • 2 grenade launchers
  • 1 rocket launcher
  • Money (USD, Peso), cars, radios, etc.

Prosecutors in the Fujimori case are pretty sure the ex-Pres will be given a 30 yr prison term for killing people and corruption.

Correa thinks the booted US Ambassador took computers and other data belonging to the Ecuadorian Police.

Approximately 15 people have been arrested, so far, in Venezuela for attacking a synagogue. Looks like the head of security for the synagogue and a bunch of police were involved moreso for theft purposes than anything else. Hmmm.

Some of the Zetas are hanging out in Guatemala killing people and whatnot.

Cuba did well at its latest UN review on Human Rights.


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