News from Sur

Those wild-n-crazy Colombians have declared Mexico the new narcotics epicenter of the universe! Colombians now need only worry about the production side; delivery route logistics are of no further concern.

Speaking of Colombians: To dissolve is not to absolve people. Its dandy that the civilian killing military battalion was dissolved but what about some pokey time?

Bolivia has itself a fine new Constitution which guarantees civility, human rights and stuff, to its indigenous who make up 70% of the population. Its long past time to move out of 1809. According to US news sources, the world is going to end in Bolivia now.

A lot of people in Lima Peru have Hepatitis B and liver cancer. *Note to self, stay away from Lima.

Indigenous people in Ecuador are protesting a new mining law they believe will cause environmental damage.

Looks like FARC and ELN are up for some political dialog with civil society. This is always good news. The world has changed a good bit, so you all can stop hanging around in the bushes and move forward to take part in the political process.


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