Border News


Photo from LaJornada

The military makes two arrests, thanks to an anonymous tipster! Not just any arrest but one involving  the seizure of weapons, flack jackets, license plates, and uniforms with the “AFI” insignia.

Siezed: 14 : AR15 y AK-47 rifles … 2: Handguns … 6: Nades … rounds, etc

I wonder what the plans were for those AFI (Federal Investigations) uniforms?

In another incident, Adrian Garcia, allegedly one of the top cartel guys was arrested along with two other guys.

Seized was 5: kilos of cocaine, 2: AKs, 1: Rifle, detonation chords, an explosive device, cars money, etc.

Next, Miguel Soto Parra, (aka El Hummer), a boss man of the Zetas was popped by AFI.

700 Mexicans died in 2008 trying to cross into the US.

Somebody walked into a hospital in Spain and shot Colombian drug Lord-courier L. Vargas Vargas.

Look at the weapons seizures coming out of Tx.

Weapons pour over the border here from Texas, bought illegally from street gangs or legally at sporting goods stores in the United States. Last month, the Mexican army made the largest seizure of illegal firearms and military-type weapons in more than two decades, uncovering a cache of 540 rifles, 165 grenades and 500,000 rounds of ammunition in a house in Reynosa, just across the border from McAllen, Tex.


In the crime laboratory, the shell casings were examined by the
ballistics team and recorded. The bullets are almost always from the United States. The assassins do not trust bullets made in Mexico, Hawley said, adding, “The American bullets are better.”


Felipe Calderon says to diplomats, no worries, the death and killing is mainly among those Cartel crazies. The civilians  aren’t being massacred and everyone should stop saying otherwise. (Apparently, all the dead journalists aren’t civilians?)

Photo from LaJornada

On a personal note I have to say that is waaaay too much yellow.


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