Its Hump Day (Wed)

CNN reports that the renowned kidnapping expert, Felix Batista, is still missing somewhere in Mexico.

After speaking on the telephone, he told his colleagues that several people in a white pickup were going to give him a message, said the statement. He got into a vehicle which did not match the description he had given his colleagues. Since then, no one has had any communication with him.

It appears he may have been … well, kidnapped. Ay Dios mío!

Also reported: Vz Pres. Chavez expelled the Israeli Ambassador in a show of solidarity for the Palestinian people. This comes on the heels of Israel bombing a couple of Gaza’s UN schools and shelters. ‘Cause Hamas was somewhere near there, kinda sorta.

Woe is me! I repeat, “Woe is me”! How I would also leap in front of a train should my vast fortune fall from 12 billion to a piddly 9 billion in assets! How could I ever continue living after that?

LaJornada (es) reported that someone lobbed a ‘nade and fired a few rounds into a TV station (Also reported by CNN). Apparently, the drug traffickers are upset that only they are being bad mouthed alone in the news and wish also for any corrupt government officials working with them to also be bad mouthed.

Los atacantes realizaron además disparos con arma de fuego y colocaron una cartulina sobre un auto estacionado frente a la empresa, donde escribieron: “Ya dejen de transmitir nada más a nosotros, también transmitan los narcomandatarios, esto es un aviso”.

From CNN

The attackers left a note telling the TV station, a CNN affiliate, to quit reporting solely on organized crime and to start broadcasting news on government officials involved in the drug trade, said the news site and El Porvenir daily newspaper.

This world is really strange, at times.


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