Happy New Year!!! Its officially …

Phycho Fucks Week! Starting out the New Year with a BANG!

From Sunday to Saturday what new and interesting surprises await the world? Its only Thursday …. wheeeeee!

Israel rejects a truce for humanitarian aid delivery into Gaza. Of course, they have rejected aid entering for over 18 mos, so what’s new? Let the carnage continue!

Fireworks being used caught on fire in an upscale club’s celebrations killing over 50 people in Bangkok.

The ETA in Spain decided this was a nice time to bomb a television station. They gave their usual “get out before we blow it” phone call.

Ugandan based rebels allegedly killed 400 people during Christmas celebrations sponsored by the Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A Russian natural gas company says its going to cut off supply to the Ukraine. Something about the Ukraine not paying the bill. It should be off as I type if an agreement hasn’t been reached.

Someone is shooting at Israelis in Denmark.

US Special Forces raided a farmhouse in Iraq and decided to lop off the finger of an alleged AQ suspect.

FARC is back to setting off explosives to kill military patrols in Colombia.


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