What’s This?

The Gulf countries of OPEC have agreed to the launch a Central Bank and a single currency. Are they staying with the petrol-dollar or no?

What the heck is going on with US meat? First Asia refuses to buy meat from the US and now Mexico?

The UN, as a supposed voice for the various countries of the world, has disgraced itself, once again, in the recent Isreali -Palestinian conflict. Not to mention other problems such as Haiti, Sudan, et al. Can’t wait til this worthless Org. goes out of existence for good.

Cuba is rejoining the rest of the world; which is a good thing. A system of government should not keep anyone out of the global sphere. The only type which should is one in where people are not happy, have no voice, and are being killed daily. As long as the people are happy with their government and are being treated with dignity, why should some other government of some other people be allowed to punish them? No one is asking anyone to move there against their will.

Freedom, means real freedom. And that real freedom is the freedom to choose. As long as it was “chosen” by the majority without any coersion and force, who is anyone else to judge?


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