I must mess with you a bit.

Mexico, WTF is up with this narco beheading business?!? “Invaders” get beheaded, not the other way around. As far as I am concerned the narcos are the ones doing the “invading” with the complicity of a bunch of corrupt politicos.

Also what’s up with security personnel walking alone? Why no armored vehicles?

El presidente Felipe Calderón lamentó este lunes el
asesinato de ocho militares en Chilpancingo, Guerrero, y advirtió
que a la violencia del crimen “responderemos con la acción
firme del Estado”.

Sure, sure. If the federales are in the border towns have some of them watch the border for the weapons transfers going on. Learn to seize incoming weapons and to sue the US companies involved. Learn to make an “arrest” with these interesting seizures. How come no one is ever home during the drug and weapon ‘raids’?

Bolivia, WTF is up with continuously trying to kill Morales? Who is Morales running around killing? No one. When are “some people” going to stop behaving ‘third world’ farting around with people just because they are natives? If you don’t like the indigenous people, take your ass back to Europe and be happy.

Canada wants to sue El Salvador so it can operate mines which will pollute the water supply. Its all about money.

Sometimes there just aren’t enough shoes.


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