It Continues ….

The US Senate said “no” to Detroit automakers request for monetary help. They are now waiting to see if the Bushter will allocate some of the 700 billion to the companies.

Meanwhile Bank of America which bought Merrill Lynch is going to lay-off 35,000 people during the merger. More unemployed, well that’s just special. So,  you buy a bankrupt company  and then you lay off some of your own workers who have kept you from going bankrupt? How stupid. Lay-off the people still hanging around from M.L. Why do they still have a job anyway? How does a bankrupt company pay for employees?

Bernard Mandoff? 50 BILLION dollar scheme? Wow! Charge him with treason.

The Vatican is condemning embryo stem cell research. Soooo there aren’t any books left to burn or maybe a few heretics to torch at the stake? Maybe some historical records of “savages” to destroy as gold is being stolen during mass genocide? If you guys are bored … buy some pants.

The Greek youth are still rioting. Correct me if I’m wrong, but how does burning up businesses help with future job prospects? If you think (there’s the key … thinking) unemployment is high now …


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