On a Short Return

I’m back for a short while, at least, until my ‘puter blows up again.

So, what’s been going on around the hood? Common knowledge stuff: Looks like the US has its first AA President to-be; actually he’s ‘mulatto’, both Black and White. Neat. Oh, LaJornada has an article on the Gov of Illinois trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat among other indiscretions. Some people.

On the sad front, the US economy has tanked threatening to drag the rest of the world’s economies down the capitalistic pit of destruction. Free markets do not mean irresponsibility people. Personally, I wouldn’t give those failures one red cent unless there were a 30% annual interest rate tacked on to the loan. No employee or CEO bonuses until the loan is repaid in full either.

Guatemalan and Mexican po-po have teamed up to go fight narcos in Spain…uh, yeah okay. Meanwhile Calderon says he’s serious about his ‘zero-tolerance’ plan for fighting corruption and something about inflation  in Mexico being its highest since 2001. Good luck with those.

Hey, speaking of Guatemala, it seems their po-po have captured Victor Hugo Morales. Good job grabbing more psycho narco crazies. In another note, a Chinese company is offering to help out with the Guatemalan transit system. A bit of controversy comes along with that offer.

In Brasil, 9000 people have disappeared in 2 years within Rio de Janeiro.  Protesting has begun. Tha’s an awful lot of people to go missing without any government attention. Is the government awake?

India has identified the dead nuts who decided bombing hotels was cool.

More health problems in Zimbabwe and no one has put  a bullet in the head of the guy who lost the elections but refuses to take his sorry ass elsewhere. One guy causing millions to suffer? Forget civil war and killing neighbors … What ever happened to pooling monies for an assassination fund?

The cows are scaring people in Ireland and the chickens have the flu in Hong Kong.

Ending on a happy note, some guy broke the tapdancing world record by tapping out 602 beats in one minute.

Hasta luego.


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