Updates n Stuff

The Colombian hostage release article now has names for the former “nameless nobodies”. According to a La Nación (Paraguay) poll: 51% so far believe the rescue was “paid for”; over 49% who say not so.

In the disco incident, Mexican Mayor Ebrard announced some changes in the force amidst the resignation of the Police Chief and submission of the same from the prosecutor.

Civic strike in Honduras regarding citizens rights and the environment, coming Aug 5th.

The US said it was happy with the way the Argentine farmers’ dispute was handled. That’s nice and everything, but does someone give a flying fuck about US opinion in the matter? Better worry about its big banks folding in on people’s savings.

Some Canadian Parliament members are requesting justice for the Cuban Five.

The Fujimori trial witnesses aren’t making things look to good for the former Pres; just getting worse and worse. Also, he’s got something wrong with his tongue. It must be costing the state egads for this puke’s medical problems … they should bill Japan.


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