This is really cool. Félix Duran sculpted a metallic Ché G from metal parts. I snatched the shot off of LaJornada’s “Pic of the Day”. Er, it seems to have disappeared.

Near the home front, the FDA, CDC, and other TLAs, are now on the salmonella theory hunt for germies in serrano, jalapeños, and cilantro; the tomato thing didn’t pan out.

Big meeting in Panamá this week of all the LA assembly people. Solidarity stuff. Meanwhile, my Panamanian brothers are requesting Carriles’ extradition for terrorist behavior.

Someone blew up the India(n) embassy in Pakistan. (no link, it was a picture of the day)

The nightclub incident in Mexico City was wild but you have to admit it is not being swept under the rug. For la policía: Don’t lose your minds, the people are not your enemy, the Cartels are. Fight the Cartels not the people. Focus.

A bunch of questions surround the Colombian hostage rescue regarding foreign participation. You can read the article in the link.

NACLA has a very interesting article on North America and why the trade agreement people are having ‘issues’ forming a bloc. What exactly is North America?


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