Wow…Gross and Weird

You know as gross as people copulating with Fifi or defecating on one another during sex acts happens to be (major yuk sooo not kewl freaky), since when did general obscenity become so important as to require an Obscenity Prosecution Task Force instituted by the US Department of Justice? I could see kiddie porn or that rape murder stuff but people taking a dump on one another?

According to the Justice Department’s website, the task force “is dedicated exclusively to the protection of America’s children and families through the enforcement of our Nation’s obscenity laws.”

Wow! The USDJ morality police?? Is ‘Girls Gone Wild’ next? Whores, Tramps, and Heathens!

Next the Judge overseeing the “obscenity” trial, got caught with porn on his personal website. General guy stuff … ’cause guys like porn.

Too weird. Weird. Weird.


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