No Gunplay Involved

Four wingnuts, three Colombianos and one Ecuadorian were caught and said to be planning to assassinate Correa.

Er, according to FARC Secretariado, Ivan Marquez, Colombia is the one who wishes to kill both Chavez and Correa.

According to Colombians, those four are drug traffickers. One is said to be a member of FARC. No idea why FARC would want to assassinate Correa. According to the Ecuadorians, the members could be part of the AUC which Colombia denies exist since they kinda sorta maybe demobilized.

I’m going to go with FARC on this one. Yeah, yeah, I know. Only because FARC is “out there” crazy with their shit and don’t need to lie. You know, raise your hand and say ‘sure we blew it the hell up’ crazy. Ecuador is playing it down and Colombia, Naranjo is generally lying.

Meanwhile, urbanistas set off a couple bombs in Bogata. I really wish they would stop that shit. Get a sniper. Bombs kill innocent people. Also coca fields grew by 25%.

The Bushster was said to be somewhat solemn on hearing the recent Supreme Court decision regarding prisoners held at Guantanamo. “I can’t go for that, nooo, no can do”, said the SCOTUS about the lack of well, at least some sort of civilian hearing about being detained without trial or charges.

On a brighter note, Lugo (Paraguay) is busy picking his new Cabinet and touring historic sites in neighboring countries.


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