Border News

The Mexican Congress said “no” again to a US aid package (Plan Mérida) which grants certain conditions of oversight to US authorities. Mexico said this would be an insult to their sovereignty because an Independent group or Mexican authorities could handle the oversight. Mexico has mobilized its military to fight the Cartels while the US has pretty much done nothing to address the “user” end of the equation.


  • Someone in Tabasco threw a head in front of the newspaper El Correo Tabasqueño with a note for the Director. Its not a happy note but then happy notes don’t usually accompany heads.
  • Someone in Chihuahua littered the body of an ex-Ministerial police officer with bullets.
  • Someone in Sinaloa tortured two people to death and executed a third.

On a happier note:

The Mexican military struck back in Sinaloa. After the deaths of 7 Federales in a shoot out with narco assassins, military personnel raided a house and seized:

  • 5,293,750 dollars
  • 2 pistols
  • 2 vehicles

No arrests reported. The investigation continues.

About 500 cyclists showed their asses by riding nude through Mexico City in an effort to bring awareness to the plight of motorists not paying proper attention to cyclists on the roadway. There was some talk about cycling being better for the planet too.

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