Being a Terrorist is A-OK

As long as you are a former Army soldier, CIA operative, Cuban hating one. Like the one just kinda hanging out in the terror fighting good ‘ole USA: Louis Posada Carriles.

We’ve got exploding planes and hotel bombings in the 1970’s to boot. I can’t be certain but I do believe these are some of the first air plane bombings.

We also have ‘Immigration’ Violations and of course, scenic Miami tours, and pardons.

Ah yes,  exploding planes. I wonder if any Panamanians or Ecuadorians are pondering what I’m pondering?

Posada and Orlando Bosch (another well know terrorist bomber) are just like Forrest and Bubba but without the heart. I don’t know how those ME terrorists could keep pace with these Jones’.

Makes you wonder where these Presidentially protected douche bags were in 1981, eh?

Have fun! The National Security Archive.

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